"Brennan Is Only Dev?"
Update 0.12.0



New parts. (Wings, Gauss)
New gamemode.
In-game chat.
WIP Aerodynamics system.
New garage model.
Added some sounds.
Graphics settings.
Dev tooling.
Entirely new functional part management.
Can use user-supplied audio files (music) from disk.
(appdata/LocalLow/Procul Games/Procelio/music)

Complete UI rework. (Front and back-end)
Test map additions.
Reworked wheel physics.
Reworked hoverblade physics.
Rewrote controls settings.
Rewrote audio (music + sfx) system/settings.
Improved collision resolution.
Migrated project to Unity HDRP. (Big task, much more control over graphics)
Asynchronous asset loading. (Vastly accelerated game load time)
Various improvements to networking code.
Finalized framework for (somewhat) easily adding new gamemodes.
Support for regenerative shielding.
Support for interactive map objects.
Support for interactive game mode objects.
Support for responsive audio tracks.
Support for weapon skins / cosmetic variants.

Removed a few songs.

I'm really not sure, I lost track, I'll figure it out one day. (Sorry)