The full history. (Ain't that cool?)

Upcoming 0.9
("Make - Bot - Die")

(No ETA yet...)

( Full change log 0.9.0 )

Part sounds. (Guns, Movement.)
Parts. (Plasma, Gauss, Skis)
Soundtracks; 1 battle mode.
Friction increase for blocks.
No removals yet...

Update 0.8
("Wasn't this meant to be parts?")


( Full change log 0.8.0 | 0.8.8 | 0.8.9 )

Completely revamped UI.
Complete options menu.
95% localization support.
Soundtracks; 2 build mode, 1 battle mode.
Graphical improvements.
Whole bunch of old stuff.

Update 0.7
("The Audiovisual Experience")


( Full change log 0.7.0 | 0.7.1 )

2x1 robot core.
Main menu.
Different block types.
Mars map.
Soundtracks; 1 build mode, 1 theme track.
Netcode smoothing.
Physics changes.
UI overhaul.
Many, many bugfixes.
1x1 robot core.
Christmas spirit, finally.

Update 0.6
("Everything went fine until you got here")


( Full change log 0.6.0 )

Christmas spirit.
Proper shaders.
Mouse sensitivity slider.
New UI buttons.
Soundtracks; 4 build mode, 4 battle mode.
Physics change.
Build mode overhaul.
Reworked launcher with new UI & functionality.
ALL of 0.05.

Update 0.5


( No extended change log available )

AI that drives around and shoots at you.
Mouse Sensitivity Slider in pause menu.
Working projectile damage for lasers.
Zoom while holding RMB.
Fixed DirectX12 crashes by rolling back to DirectX11.
Better Laser Aiming.

Update 0.4


( No extended change log available )

Damage system.
AI enemies.
Major bug fixes and optimizations.

Update 0.3


(No extended change log available)

Main menu.
Cool FX.
New colors.
Wheel now has an actual collider.
Even more bugfixes.

Update 0.2


( No extended change log available )

New wheel model.
Fixed a few placement glitches.
More bugfixes.

Update 0.1


( No extended change log available )

We finally made it! The first release of Procelio.