"The Audiovisual Experience"
Update 0.7.0

( 0.7.0 | 0.7.1 )



2x1 robot core.
Hovers. (V0.1.8) Hovers are very indev, will be improved in coming updates.
Airframes. (3x1x1 rod, 5x1x1 rod, 3x3x1 corner)
Small thruster. (1x1x1)
Main menu with music.
Glass cubes.
Weighted cubes.
Cosmetic googly eyes. (Wewlad)
Mars map.
Hold to place/remove blocks.
Better laser projectiles.
Cool damage animation.
True potato mode. (Performance will be increased in coming updates.)
UI button sounds.

Netcode smoothing.
Graphical overhaul.
Wheel build hitbox changes.
Physics changes.
Part weight changes.
Slight camera tweaks.
UI overhaul.
Slightly shifted the money display.
Many, many bugfixes.

1x1 robot core.
Christmas spirit, finally.

Distant War (Theme Track)
At The End (Build Mode)