About the Game

▽ Q: Is this game dead?

A: No.   (As of )

▽ Q: What is this game?

A: A still in-development project for a game where you can make robots (cars, airplanes, etc) out of modular pieces, take them into battle, and try to shoot other players until they blow up!

▽ Q: So there's serverside accounts. What's the future of those?

A: For now, the game is in an alpha state. The economy isn't balanced, there aren't enough players to support consistent activity on the game servers, and current parts are the equivalent of mid-late game models.
Thus, the current accounts will be reset at some point in the future when we make the transition to a intentioned game economy. After that reset (which will be documented in advance for you to take screenshots, make videos, whatever of your bots before they go away), we are not planning to reset accounts again.

▽ Q: What's the current status of the game?

A: As we're still in the alpha stage of things, most of the work has been on backend systems -- how the game stores robots, multiplayer code (if you hear Brenn ranting about netcode, it's in reference to all the networking setup required for multiplayer to work). We're still missing parts and gamemodes that we want to add, and the user interface isn't great, but we're slowly getting there!

▽ Q: Why do updates not have ETAs?

A: Most of the developers (including both programmers) are still in school, and we're of the belief that school is more important than hobby projects.
As such, it's difficult to estimate in advance how much time we will have to work on things.

▽ Q: Alpha releases: how do you recover account passwords?

A: For now, you can't.
Under GDPR, emails are protected data. Since we don't (yet) have legal counsel and don't want to get prosecuted by Europe for mistreating emails, the safest thing to do is not store email in the first place.
Unfortunately, this means that losing a password = losing the account. By the time we get to a full release we'll have it figured out, but for now "fined by Europe" = "project shuts down," and we want to avoid that.

Game Mechanics

▽ Q: What sort of parts will the game have?

A: As of now we have decided on these;
Movement: Wheels, Hoverblades, Wings, Thrusters, Lighter-than-air blocks
Weapons: Laser (rapid-fire hitscan), Plasma Launcher (gravity-affected AoE projectiles), Gaussgun (hitscan sniper), Heal beam

And a decent selection of radar and other "information warfare" pieces.
We haven't fully committed to the long-term yet -- there will be more weapon types, for sure -- but we hope to be somewhat comparable to some other voxel-based building games out there.

▽ Q: How many types of weapons can I use?

A: Each bot can have one 'Primary' weapon and one 'Secondary' weapon. Secondary weapons will tend to be niche and/or limited-use. Primary weapons will be infinite-use (though potentially with cooldowns) and should be at least usable in most combat scenarios.
Within a weapon type, you can use pieces from different tiers on the same bot.

▽ Q: Are you going to have 'big' weapons like that other game?

A: Nope. If (and that's an 'if') the game adds support for larger-than-normal robots in select game modes, those bots may have special large-size components, but those components would not be available for normal-size robots.

▽ Q: Game modes?

A: For now, the servers run a drop-in drop-out free for all. Once the playerbase can support it, we want to implement a team-based deathmatch: everyone gets 1 life and the last team standing wins. That will remain the primary gamemode for the forseeable future: while we want to add other gamemodes eventually, they will not replace team deathmatch.

▽ Q: Progression?

A: Once the playerbase can support it, we hope to add tiers to the game (most likely 5-7 of them). As you make your bot bigger and stronger, you'll rank up into higher tiers and unlock better parts.

Business and Economics

▽ Q: What's the monetization model going to be?

A: There are going to be two components to the game's monetization;
Premium membership: A time-based system, while you have premium time remaining, you get a boost to rewards from matches, as well as other small perks.
Cosmetics: Buy cosmetic items from the shop. No loot crates, no BS. Pick the cosmetics you want and buy them.

▽ Q: Is the game Free-to-play? Any P2W mechanics?

A: We want the game to be accessible to everyone. While premium may shorten the time required to make money, premium will not unlock any game mechanics unavailable to free-to-play players.
By making the game free to play, we ensure that any money you spend is because you feel the game worthy of it. No bait and switch, no misleading advertising. If you like the game, consider sending some money our way. If you don't like it, uninstall and move on at no cost to your wallet.

▽ Q: What platform will the game be on?

A: We are currently only planning for the game to be on PC, as controls will work best with mouse-and-keyboard. We've considered a mobile app for building (without multiplayer), but there are no current plans to ever realize that idea.
On PC, we hope to eventually put the game on Steam, but until the game is in a state we think worthy of Steam release, we're using a custom launcher.

▽ Q: Any buyouts or exclusivity deals?

A: None planned.
However, while the development team wants to keep working on the game on our own terms, we realize that game development doesn't happen in a vacuum. If we get an offer for significantly-lifechanging amounts of money, we'd be stupid not to take it.
(For example, putting $1M in index funds averages out to either A: an extra $40k per year, or B: an extra $7M by the time we're of age to retire.)