"Heavy Industry"
Update 1.2a

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New battle map. (Freight Yard: Deimos Nexus)
New primary weapon. (Rivet Rifle)
New movement part. (Tank Track)
Racing test maps.
Placement indicators.
Garage mirror line.
New building ghost materials.
FOV Zoom: G.
Spotting and Pinging.
Changed paintmask system for cleaner part painting.
Secondary recharge zones.
Doug from Sales.
Lots of new localization hookups.
Lots of new graphics.
Lots of polish.

Overhauled and improved camera.
Overhauled ground movement physics.
Optimized garage performance.
Improved COM and Collider tools.
Improved hitboxes for all weapons.
Improved Plasma.
Improved Gauss.
Improved Missile Lock-on.
Improved flight physics.
A-GRV and Ski Split.
Nametag Overhaul.
UI Improvements to Shop and Inventory.
Revamped Part Images.
Adjusted HP and Damage values across the board.
Improved VFX.
Discovered whereabouts of Captain Procelio.

Lots of bugs.

Sorry :( (sad)