Update 1.2.2

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"Selected" indicator on hotbar.
Compass completely reworked, complete with an Attitude Indicator.
Cooldown UI for both spotting and flipping.
New logbook entries.
Added special delivery to Deimos Nexus.
Gauss lasers now have a real laser pointer effect when near cameras.
Active Gauss Rifles emit a lens flare effect when viewed indirectly.
Reload indicator to Gauss, Rivet, and Autocannon Crosshairs.
"Operational Advice" to the logbook, giving gameplay tips.
Wings finally have multiple connectionpoints.
The bridge on Deimos is now a SUPER BRIDGE.
New main menu.

Repeatedly self-destructing increases respawn time.
Limited number of active mines.
Smaller bots respawn faster.
Improved client-server physics interactions.
Improved camera to reduce bot blocking your view.
Certain TMP inline flags blacklisted for chat messages.
Fixed mines' projectile hitbox.
Maybe fixed issues rapidly quitting and rejoining server.
Certain camera aim issues.
"Selected" hotbar indicator not properly working.
Mirror not working for centered objects on even-width.
You can't spot teammates.
Adjusted nameplate scaling and opacity.
Touched up some older UI pieces.
Increased scope FoV on Gauss.
Fixed some typos in the logbook.
Area names moved to beneath minimap.
Increased scope FoV on Gauss.
Performance on Deimos Nexus is now significantly improved.
Game performance overall improved.

Drifting (Build Mode)