"The Launcher Awakens"
Update 0.9.3

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PostProcessing V1 -> PostProcessing V2: Fancier postprocessing.
ChassisMesh Batcher: Create custom meshes to optimize vertex count.
Serverside Anticheat Framework.
Async Bot Loading: No lagspikes when people join/respawn.
You can now press "Enter" on the login screen to log in.

New chassis block textures.
Xan work on movement part sync system.
Xan work on audio systems.
Fixed 2nd bay respawn not working.
Particle system updated to support local space.
Fixed part emission system (For now, you = blue, enemies = red).
Player session tokens are encrypted when being sent to the server.
Fixed normals on chassis: lighting and reflections should be mostly correct.
Fixed some issues with test mode and damage.
Made the damage test area a bit more pleasing to the eye.

No removals...

Redid "Meteor Shower" to fit better in the rest of the playlist.