"I Swear We'll Start Using the Launcher at Some Point"
Update 0.9.2

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Added Jerry, a dumb but cute bot that drives around and tries to avoid walls.
Press Tab in garage to swap between even and odd mirror.
Enabled Damage Test mode. Press L to toggle, Tab to toggle to damage.
Xan did stuff.
New player accounts should have a starter bot.

Alignment rectifier (F) improvements.
Fixed rotation lookup bug.
Might have fixed the "don't respawn" bug.
Fixed AngledAirframe5 collision shape.
Removed stat overrides - shop should be entirely consistent now.
When you join a match, other bots have their damage applied.
Significantly improved bot collider generation.
Made aiming at guns more accurate.
Tweaked wheel physics a bit.
Tried to address camera clipping into terrain.

No removals...

No new soundtracks...