"Lighter Than Air"
Update 1.1a



New battle map. (Mining Site: Alpha Prospect)
Gun recoil.
Reimplemented Damage Tester.
UI minimap.
Loading screen.
Health UI.
Weapon arsenal UI.
Bot renaming.
Clear garage bay button.
Inventory subheaders.
Heal zones.
LTA Canisters. (Helium)
Old battle map is now a test map.
Bot death VFX.
Properly integrated graphics settings.
Garage screen panels.
Secret zone.

Adjusted thrust values.
Thruster VFX.
Bunch of new SFX.
Fixed compass mask.
Fixed settings menu mask clipping.
New Game Logo.
Added more localization tags.
Added Battle UI Components to Test Mode.
Updated information and warning popups.
Reworked Login and Main Menu UI.
Reworked Sign-up Page.
Reworked Build Mode UI.
Updated Build Mode Selector.
Updated Garage Selection Screen.
Updated Inventory and Shop UI.
Updated Inventory Tab Icons.
Updated Inventory Tooltips.
Updated Research Tab.
Updated Paint menu.
Updated Settings Menu.
Updated Language Menu.
Updated Scoreboard.
Updated End-of-Game Screen.
Improved rocket tracking.
Better wheel suspension physics + auto-brake.
Improved a few build collider shapes.
Improved railgun shot VFX.
New SMG model.
Fixed git repo.
Fixed netcode meltdown with too many entities.
Remove railgun dot in a few more edge cases
Fixed connection Lost in corner of screen.
Fixed infinite rail reload.
Reset wheel positions properly on return to garage.
Fixed tesla render offset.
Turned off friendly-fire.
Fixed slope rotation in collider tool.
Autobuy actually works now.
Fixed restoring blocks clientside when deleting bot.
Fixed minimap resizing while closed extends back onto screen.
Fixed tesla render offset.
Fixed no 'missing core' message popup.
Debris texturing is correct again.
Updated Main Menu Background.
Complexity' renamed to 'Power Usage', shorthand AMPs.
Moved Language Menu to Game Settings.
Added Exit button to login screen.
Added legal button.

Captain Procelio.
A whole lot of bugs.

Dawn of a New Era (Theme Track)