"Captain Procelio's Multipurpose Insecticide: 1"
Update 1.0.3



Added compass (no on/off option yet).

Fixed wiping garage bay not returning blocks to local inventory.
Fixed concurrency error trying to load in music data.
Fixed clientside error on setting the hit position of plasma balls.
Fixed plasma rendering too many balls.
Fixed guns causing a large amount of airflow drag.
Fixed projectile hit detection issues against other bots in melee range. (maybe)
Fixed incorrect plasma firing angle bounds .
Fixed bot-save-overwrite bug from changing bots in test mode.
Fixed bot being stuck with camera beneath on trying to join/respawn.
Fixed reloading removed rails (maybe).
Implemented workaround for Unity numlock keybinding bug.
Added some more logging to attempt to pin down unexplained server freezes a bit better.
Fixed battle progress bar having no background.
Refined missile crosshair counter.

A lot of bugs.

Nothing new. Sorry. :^(