"New Year's Scaling Resolutions."
Update 1.0.2



Wipe garage bay control enabled.
Some new battle UI elements.
New crosshairs. (Nano, Missile pod)
Mirror mode indicator.

Fixed plasma fired by other players not making sound.
Fixed Nano damage being pathetically low.
Fixed shield values not displayed in tooltip.
Fixed Tesla not working against other robots.
Fixed EP shaders not working.
Fixed chat not reconnecting.
Fixed wheels and wings not working on serverside.
Fixed raycasting occasionally not detecting bots.
Fixed healing not synced across netcode.
Fixed mouse cursor frequently unbinding from game.
Fixed crosshair not properly loading.
Properly fixed HTTP request retry.
Maybe fixed crash exiting test mode quickly.
Maybe fixed missiles freezing before hitting bots.
Maybe fixed using bot from earlier netcode session.

A lot of bugs.

Nothing new. Sorry. :^(